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Ellipsis 2018

10.03.2018 | SEI DABEI

Ellipsis 2018

Ellipsis is used to define an unfinished thought about an object or a person, or a certain idea about either of them. It pushes us to concentrate deeply on our unfinished thoughts and take required actions to obtain a fruitful outcome.

Connecting people to reflect and transform each other is one of the great purposes of this first edition of TEDxSJCETPalai.


TED is a non-profit organization with the spirit of promoting ideas that deserve to be scattered. Beginning with a four-day conference in California 26 years ago, TED has grown to support ideas that change the world through multiple initiatives. At TED, thinkers and filmmakers around the world are invited to give the best speech of their lives in 18 minutes. These presentations are made available for free on the website.


Under the motto "ideas that deserve to be scattered," TED created TEDx, a program of local events, self-organized, gathering people to share a TED-like experience. The x represents an independently organized TED event. TED Conferences provides guidance on how to make a TED event, but the organization of a TEDx event is independent. In a TEDx event, there is a combination of TEDTalks and speakers to generate deep discussions and connections between participants.

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